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Emotional intelligence

Download the world’s first app for the development of emotional intelligence and EQ level improvement

EQ Главная - English
EQ Главная - English
EQ Главная - English

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Start with the EQ test to generate an emotional intelligence development program for each user individually

What EQ app can help you to improve?


You will understand how to control your emotions


Learn to fully understand yourself and others.

Career growth

Transition to a more high-status social environment



You will gain control in difficult situations


You can make the most of your potential


Get rid of anxiety and overcome fear

How it works?

Today there are no direct analogues on the market. It is an innovative learning system based on many years of research and knowledge, new discoveries and modern technologies. The EQ app has come to the rescue of humanity when emotions go wild and thoughts get confused in the head.

EQ Главная - English

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User reviews

As far back as I can remember, I was always shy. It is difficult to establish communication at the university, despite good knowledge. I chose to stay in the shadows. With girls a separate painful topic for me. I started working with the EQ app and I got more self-confidence, I discovered my inner strength. Shyness and anxiety began to disappear. Got rid of toxic reactions like shame, anger, fury. My personal effectiveness has increased. The teachers started to praise me. I made friends and most importantly, I have a girlfriend! I understand that this is just the beginning and there is still room to strive for, but I am confident of success.


21 years, Kyiv

I work as an HR manager in a large IT company. Developed emotional intelligence is a prerequisite for successful career growth. Therefore, I did not hesitate to download the EQ APP. All information is structured and understandable. Several times I tried to keep a diary of emotions and threw it, but in the application, I like to do it. The convenient interface allows you to easily assess your emotional state. This is very effective for self-reflection. I found additional resources; I notice the imbalance in time. Interaction with others has become easier and more understandable.


29 years

For a long time, I could not get rid of disturbing thoughts and total control. Because of this, there were tensions in the family with husband, children, parents. The state of health began to deteriorate, and the situation looked depressing. I work with the application. I listen, I do techniques and the anxiety is slowly disappearing. I do not perceive ordinary life moments so painfully. I especially like the techniques “Termination of Internal Dialogue” and “Think differently.” I learn to feel and listen to myself. I began to understand my children and my husband better. I began to fall asleep calmly. There is still a lot of work, but even such results make me very happy.


35 years, housewife

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