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All about EI in questions and answers

Understand yourself? But how? With these tests it is easy and fast. Give answers to questions and find out more about yourself!

Available tests

Do you know how to speak and listen?

Take the test and find out who you are the interlocutor and get useful tips to become interesting to the people around you.


How much do you love yourself?

How confident are you? Are you winning in an argument with yourself? Are your fears causing you to act completely differently than you would like? Take the test and find out all the answers to these questions!


Are you a conflict person?

After passing the test, find out how conflicted you are. Everyone at work has to be angry, nervous, and therefore, at the same time, conflict / swear with or without reason.  Find out: what kind of person are you?


Are you lucky in life?

Do your relatives prove to you that you are selfish? Show them that they are not. Take a self-love test. Аnd get rid of that cliché forever.


Emotional Intelligence Test

This test shows how you use emotions in your life, and takes into account different aspects of emotional intelligence: attitude towards yourself and others and the ability to communicate; attitude to life and the search for harmony.


Human emotional stability

The ability to easily endure stress and not to shake oneself and the people around them on trifles is a very valuable quality. Otherwise, any trifle can turn your life into hell. But what about you? Try to assess your own emotional resilience.


Are you able to surrender to feelings?

For some, words of love, affection, gentle hugs are the peak of happiness, for others – a manifestation of weakness. What does this mean to you? Are you able to surrender to the will of your feelings? Our test will help you figure it out.


Are you a lucky person?

 What is closer to you: a clear calculation or a successful event? Let’s take a look at these issues. Just answer a small number of questions and check if the result matches your opinion.


Motivation for success and fear of failure

The psychological test shows the direction of motivation – positive or negative. The results will help you to understand yourself, to realize the direction of your activity.


Feelings or reason?

For those who are seriously interested in self-control, it is useful to refer to the proposed test, with which you can identify what guides you in dealing with people. You will be curious to know what prevails in this case.