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📌The essential part of emotional intelligence is positive thinking.

📌A positive person attracts others, doesn’t he or she? Negativeness, in its turn, pushes others away.

What happens when a person is focused only on negative thoughts?

📌Negativeness narrows thinking. Brain ”blacks out” from the environment and rejects alternative options of actions.

📌When your brain concentrates on negative emotions: fear, anger, or stress, it closes your eyes, and you no longer see the opportunities around you.

📌From a different perspective, if you’re optimistically oriented and filled with positive emotions: joy, love, happiness, you’ll pay more attention to the opportunities in your life. This state will support self-confidence and open new patterns of thinking.

📌Furthermore, it is scientifically proved that positive thinking helps to acquire and develop new life skills.

📌What is going to win today: positive or negative, depends only on us. During complicated life situations, we can feel inspired and proud that we’ve conquered these challenges, or we can let negative thoughts crash us.

📌There are parts of our brain that are responsible for positive emotions. Their stimulation leads to stronger stress resistance. Consequently, you become happier, and people, having seen your positive thinking, strive towards you.

Let the positiveness win in your life 💪🏻