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Normally, the human brain tends to catastrophize a supposed event (this pattern helped us survive among saber-toothed tigers). This technique, on the other hand, will help unwind an unpleasant thought dialogue toward more positive assumptions.

  1. List the situations you perceive as disasters and write down all the damage you anticipate. Fantasize about the horrors in this paragraph at your leisure.
  2. Now ask yourself the following questions:

 ⁃ What are the outcomes of the event that scares me that other people usually experience?

 ⁃ How do they deal with it?

 ⁃ How have I handled my own troubles in the past?

 ⁃ How likely is it that an upcoming event is more dangerous than the ones that have already happened to me? 

 ⁃ If my fantasies come true, would it really be that terrible and hopeless?

 ⁃ What are the ways out of this situation that I can think of now? 

 ⁃ What positive meanings can this event have?

 ⁃ What can you learn from it? What will you find meaning and value in?