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✅ Emotional intelligence ➕ motivation 🔜 the ability to properly respond to change.

✅ At the moment, motivation is closely related to emotional intelligence.

✅ The result of their connection is the ability to unite people, positively influence them, inspire faith in the best.

✅ A person with a high level of emotional intelligence and good motivation is easily trained and overcomes difficulties with a smile on his face.

✅ Such a person knows how to perfectly analyze his strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the people around him.

✅ A person with high emotional intelligence knows how to influence the mood of other people.

✅ He has good motivation, responsibility and a desire to justify his own and others’ expectations.

✅ He will always call first, organize a meeting, a trip, he will never forget to wish you a happy birthday 🥳

✅ Let your emotional intelligence and motivation increase every day in your life