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👉🏻 The ability to analyze emotions, the ability to recognize them, interpret them correctly and switch them is a key aspect of EI.

👉🏻 An important skill inherent in its owners is self-control at the level of not only self-awareness but also behavior, building a positive emotional balance with the outside world.

👉🏻 Empathy is the ability to understand and empathize, support and help others, given their emotional state.

👉🏻 An important role in the successful socialization of an individual is played by one of the types of EI – social intelligence – the ability to interact with others and take into account the emotional state of not only a single person, but the whole team.

👉🏻 The highest level of emotional intelligence is the ability to not only read and take into account but also manage the emotions of others. This trait is inherent in leaders who know how to lead. It is akin to charisma but differs not in the intuitive but the conscious nature of origin.
(Such a skill carries a huge social component, as it affects other people’s destinies. And ethics should be the roadmap for its application).
The development of these skills is available to everyone, and its application guarantees an increase in the quality of life of an individual in all spheres of life