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Elizabeth Gilbert is a contemporary American writer who was ranked in the Top 10 Spiritual Leaders for the 2012 edition of Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine.  The author of that very bestselling “Eat, Pray, Love,” which lasted 185 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List.  Based on this novel, the film Eat Pray Love was made with Julia Roberts in the title role.  Elizabeth writes an adventure-science-love novel “The Origin of All Things”, inspires and shares the secrets of creativity in the book “Great Magic”, explores female sexuality, liberties, and more in the work “City of Women”.

Her work is multifaceted and very exciting.  As well as her personality.


Elizabeth’s childhood was spent on a farm, where there was no TV or player.  Even close neighbors.  On the other hand, there were always many books in the house, and reading, folding plays, acting out plays, and stories were encouraged.  She and her sister often even fought over the typewriter.  Such a favorable environment brought up in the girl a thirst to learn and not give up, to harmoniously build her dreams and goals.  Communication with nature, music, reading, loving loved ones – all this has become a fruitful foundation for a high level of consciousness, which, of course, affects emotional intelligence.


Once in her childhood, Elizabeth wrote a school play about a girl who knows how to travel in time, but nobody believes her until she brought a newspaper from the future and met the understanding of the people around her.  Elizabeth wanted to attract attention and talk about her feelings of loneliness and lack of understanding in the family circle.

After graduation, Liz came to work at the editorial office of Spin magazine, where she thought she would be a full-fledged participant in the processes.  She was taken as an assistant, and three days later, they threw her out the door.  Having a strong will and desire to be a writer at all costs, led to the fact that her publication in Esquire was published soon.  Elizabeth sends her to the editorial office of Spin magazine with a note “I told you, I’m a writer!”

Somehow, Elizabeth even reincarnated as a guy to investigate male nature.  She cut her hair short, wrapped a bandage around her chest, and stuck a mustache.  For an article in a men’s magazine where she worked, she had to walk like that for a week.

This single-minded woman works hard on emotional resilience, which gives her benefits.


Several years passed when her book “Eat, Pray, Love” was published.  An autobiographical story about one year from her personal life.  It was a crazy success, which, it would seem, should calm the writer down and allow herself to reap the benefits of her creativity.  However, Liz was not calm.  The overwhelming success was real stress for her!  She found herself during two fires: on the one hand, the inner critic, who keeps talking about the unsurpassed news and impossibility of writing yet another such successful book;  on the other hand, the fear to stop writing and bury your creativity.  Ironically, how do you live with this success now?  How to make yourself work further in allowing yourself to be imperfect?  After all, Liz understood that not every book would become a bestseller.

Elizabeth makes a wise decision that has already helped her – she pulls herself together and sits down to work again.  The young writer takes care of her emotional state.  To cope with both unpleasant rejections and success times, she finds support and protection in what she loves more than she does – in writing.  Liz displays a high level of emotional intelligence, learning to manage herself in difficult and stressful situations.

By working hard on her professionalism, while living through difficult or bright stages of her life, Elizabeth fosters fortitude and an understanding of the importance of supporting others in creativity.


Liz publishes books that are a lifeline for many creative people who are faced with the same problems as she once did.  Her multifaceted and mature personality inspires millions of people to be creative, never stop believing in themselves and boldly do what they like!