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Michael Roach is the first American to receive a Geshe degree from the Tibetan Sera Mei Monastery.  Moreover, exactly the first person who, after 25 years in the ministry, returned to the world of business and founded the world’s largest diamond corporation.  He shares a strategy for doing business based on ancient truths, about which he writes in his books “Diamond Cutter”, “Karmic Management”.  Michael Roach helps Tibetan refugees, finances food funds for monasteries, and creates a project to preserve Asian classics to translate the Tibetan Canon of Kangyur and Tengyur into the electronic version.

Michael Roach founded the Diamond Cutter Institute, a training company that teaches how to run a business successfully applying ancient knowledge and methods.  He also has authored many educational programs in management and Tibetan Buddhism.


How it all began?

One day, in his third year at Princeton University, Michael learns that his mother has breast cancer.  Thinking about her imminent death raises serious existential questions.  Michael did not fall into sadness and powerlessness, which already speaks of his emotional maturity.  He decided to go on a trip to India and find answers to his questions.

Having met Tibetan lamas, Michael decides to become a monk, which changes his way of life forever.


As time went on, the condition of Michael’s mother worsened.  Concern and concern push him to ask the advice of his teachers: “What to do?”  Michael was probably emotionally coping with the fear of losing his mother, but he could not stop and do anything.  Thus, one of the lamas convinces Michael to invite his mother to a famous Tibetan doctor who was the personal doctor of the Dalai Lama.  Having made a rather difficult journey to India, my mother underwent a course of treatment, while studying the ancient scriptures about life and the transition after death.

Once there was a very touching meeting with the Dalai Lama, which was organized by Michael’s teachers for him and his mother.  Of course, Michael was thinking about helping his mother in America, but he certainly did not want to drop out of his studies at Tibetan teachers.  During the conversation, it turned out that there is a certain Ken Rinpoche – a lama living in Princeton.  Michael Roach asked the Dalai Lama if he would study well with him and was approved.  He returns to the United States, helps his mother cope with the disease, and becomes a disciple of Ken Rinpoche.

For 25 years, he has studied and served in various monasteries in Asia and the United States, as a disciple and assistant to Ken Rinpoche.  This is colossal mental work and hardening of the emotional sphere.  Michael does the Great Retreat of Deep Seclusion – 3 years 3 months and 3 days in the Arizona desert.  Life in a monastery is a very serious challenge, especially a psychological one.  However, Michael never complains, but on the contrary – he says that he was lucky and he is the happiest person.

The day has come when Michael goes to take the exam for the title of Geshe at one of the largest monastic universities in the world – Sera Mei Monastery.  This fascinating event for the viewer, but terrifying for the student, takes place in a very energetic form.  Hundreds of monks ask questions, firing them as if attacking the defendant.  All answers must be crystal clear and prompt.  Attack fires are also kindled by hand gestures, voice aggression, and facial expressions.  All this is done to enliven the dispute, the brightness, and fascination of the presentation, but imagine how the student feels?  Therefore, Michael had to keep his footing, keep the blows of questions on the ancient texts, answer in Tibetan, having a strict time limit.  Only the fact that Michael passing this test already speaks of the incomprehensible level of knowledge and, of course, the emotional hardening crystallized over the years of the monastery life.

Now, the first American in 600 years passes this exam!


Michael’s teacher decided that the best way to show his knowledge would be to show it in practice!  Moreover, sent Michael back to America to build a business.  Yes exactly.  It was supposed to be a test that would show how much this student learned the lessons of karmic principles in real-life conditions.

Michael Roach has certainly accepted the challenge.  Moreover, he managed to create a diamond corporation and turn it into one of the fastest-growing companies in US history.  Emotionally hardened and hardened by the monastic life, Michael Roach implements a management strategy based on ancient texts on karmic principles.  Planting the right karmic seeds leads to growth and development, both internal and external.  He also introduces meditation, yoga, and other methods into the management system to improve a person’s life, and therefore the company itself.  It can be seen that the ability to manage your emotions is the foundation of effective business management, making it not just a mechanism for making money, but also a means for changing the world for the better.


Michael Roach has authored many books that help people grow their businesses.  He brought the wisdom and light of ancient and simple truths to the world of avaricious and passionate business management.  By his example, he showed that it works.  Emotional fortitude and a high level of intelligence harmoniously combined with the intuitive and spiritual side of the personality.  Michael Roach has mentored thousands of businesspersons, executives, and entrepreneurs around the world.