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🔹 Why do you sometimes want to close yourself off from your own emotions? Especially if you are in negotiations or other communication at work?

Today we will consider several reasons why a person chooses to avoid emotions at work:
🔹 strong, unbridled emotions can undermine expectations and hope for a calm solution to situations;
🔹Most of the attention can flow to finding agreements between partners instead of focusing on work tasks;
🔹Emotional unrestraint can be wonderful, of course, but it can also upset relationships, overshadowing the mind with irrationality;

Sometimes the manifestation of emotions can be interpreted and used against a person if the observers are competent enough and have their own goals for this.

🔹 Despite all these reasons, you do not need to get rid of the manifestations of your own emotions at all. On the contrary, it is worth learning to understand them and, when necessary, to control them.

🔹 So, by increasing the level of emotional intelligence, you can harmoniously participate in work processes, maintaining a balance of rationality and sensuality.
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