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🔹 There are no pain receptors in the brain, so operations on it can be performed without general anesthesia;

🔹 if a part of the brain has been damaged, injured or removed. The rest of the nerve cells can perform the functions of the lost parts;

🔹the membranes of the brain and blood vessels have pain receptors. This is the point in them when the head hurts, and not in the brain itself;
each neuron of the brain is surrounded by tens of glial cells. They “feed” it, deliver oxygen and take part in the transmission of impulses;

+ falling in love can be seen on MRI scans. It’s all about activating the parts of the brain responsible for pleasure;

+ our brain contains 60% lipids – fats;

+ to live, neurons need oxygen and glucose. 20% of all oxygen in the body goes to the functioning of the brain;

+ speed of transmission of impulses in nerve cells is about 220 km / h;
+ the total length of the capillaries in the brain is about 700 km;

+ for the brain everything is real, both existing and imaginary