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Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis is one of the most popular women of the twentieth century, the first lady of the United States (1961-1963), an icon of style and grace in America and Europe, an aristocrat who made a huge contribution to the art and preservation of the architectural heritage of the world. The beauty and charm of this woman have combined into a strong bond with a high level of emotional intelligence, making her adored among millions of hearts and minds.

Jackie, so they called her loving in secular circles. She has become a symbol of selflessness and spiritual strength, despite a difficult life with many trials.

Little Jacqueline grew up in luxury and was a favorite. Since childhood, she was fascinated by drawing and horse riding, and the teachers spoke of her as a well-read young lady “with devilry” – she was too fond of rebelling, making it clear that her ambitions were not small. The girl was educated in France, improving the language and knowledge of European culture there. She received her Bachelor of Arts from George Washington University. She traveled a lot and wrote the book One Special Summer with her sister. A bright and exciting life, rich in emotional experiences and hobbies, taught Jacqueline to be attentive to her feelings and the states of other people. This woman was destined for a difficult fate, which not only did not break her, but also strengthened her so strongly to inspire millions of people for many years.

Jacqueline met John F. Kennedy when he was just preparing to become a Senator for Massachusetts. They got married a year later. Jackie became the companion of an energetic man who was popular with women. Family life has become something that she always did not want and avoid – housewife while her husband is on the road. Jacqueline noticed that John flirts with other women at parties, often does not spend the night at home under the pretext of protracted negotiations and began to emotionally close from her. Any woman would be unpleasant, and Jackie had a conversation, designed to put everything in its place. She wanted to divorce, but John’s father offered her $ 1 million so that she would stay with her husband and, at the same time, have financial security. To which Jacqueline answered self-sufficient: “You are very generous, I am sure that you are acting with the best intentions. But if I decide to stay with John, it’s only because I wanted to.”

She stayed. She got pregnant. But then grief overtook the family. The child was born dead. One can only imagine how a woman feels who has lost her newborn baby, and even in the absence of her husband by her side. Of course, Jacqueline was devastated and shocked by the loss, and even resentment against her husband, who could not support her at such a difficult moment, explaining her problems with the elections.

This woman again acted generously. Some time passed, and she forgave John with the words: “I don’t just leave people.” They had another daughter, then a son. It seems that the family has now found even more meaning for Jacqueline. Although her husband continued to behave in an inappropriate manner – let’s face it, he cheated on her, and everyone around her often knew about it. Jacqueline did not arrange scandals and showdowns, being able to control herself, she gained more and more emotional maturity and dignity. She learned to maintain a high tone in experiences, regardless of external circumstances. A loving wife, faithful companion and charming woman, Jackie gradually became the darling of American society, and in 1961 the first lady of the United States.

John F. Kennedy continued to be loving even in the first post of a superpower. The affair with Marilyn Monroe, known all over the world, was another milestone that forced to show the dignity and psycho-emotional maturity of Jacqueline. The first lady did not throw tantrums but using the maxim of her self-control she tried in every possible way to settle the conflict. At the same time, she did not lose her dignity, but delicately and boldly could start a dialogue even with her husband’s mistress. When Marilyn Monroe called the White House with the words that John would soon go to her, Jacqueline replied: “I would only be glad if someone takes over my responsibilities.”

The death of another, fourth child, brought both Kennedy closer together. It seems that now John really has become closer to his wife, their relationship has warmed up and become more romantic. He realized the many things that his wife was doing for him. But … this idyll did not last long.

Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy arrived in Texas that day. The cortege was driving down the street when three shots rang out. Everything in Jacqueline’s mind was blurred, the delicate features of her face took on a terrifying and at the same time sad look. Bloody John fell on Jackie’s fragile shoulder. Numbness. Fear. Misunderstanding. Jacqueline Kennedy accompanied her husband to the hospital, but they could not save him. The symbol of this tragedy was her pink Chanel suit, which was splattered with the president’s blood. Jacqueline did not film it, even when she was sworn in by the next president, Lyndon Johnson: “Look what they did to him.” And even in such circumstances, she managed to control herself to be persistent, dignified and noble.

This regal brunette with a soft voice remained in the hearts of citizens of the whole world a woman with a great letter. A keen mind and charm, high ideals and dignity, the ability to communicate and help. So many wonderful values in one person made her an American queen. She will forever remain in the memory of millions as an example of an emotionally mature lady.