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Madonna Louise Ciccone is a symbol of the sexual revolution and the queen of pop music, a breathtaking and successful woman who has become world famous for her versatility and brightness. How did it become possible that this maiden combined so many facets of social and creative life, succeeding in each and reaching heights?

Madonna transformed the inner fire of her zeal for self-realization into an activity that made her the most famous and best-selling pop artist in the world! This woman touches upon the themes of sexuality, racism, gender, violence – scandalous antics in her work have always played into her hands. After all, she was clearly aware of what she was going to and what she wanted to get.

Any person comes from childhood. From it, the true desires of an adult often flow. Madonna had a fairly ordinary childhood. She is one of the five children of the Ciccone family. She lost her mother at the age of 5. The father married again, but the stepmother paid more attention, nevertheless, to her own children. The desire to be noticed and to stand out from others already then became the main priority of the child. At the age of 15, her father sent the girl to a ballet school, where she finally did what she really liked. Her mentor, choreographer Christopher Flynn, took the girl into the dance world, broadening her horizons and motivating her to make dancing her profession. So, Madonna wanted and entered the University of Michigan, studied there for a while, but her soul was eager for something more, and her ambitions were already torn from the inside.

The young starlet arrived in New York, a city seeking fame and heights. There she was not so sweet. There was no money at all, not for housing, and often even for food. Everything was fine with dancing, but again she wanted more than just being a minor part of her favorite choreographer Pearl Lang. She starts working as a fashion model in New York studios. Learns to say “no” and develops the ability to be persistent and not lose heart.

The psychological portrait of Madonna of that time affects her fate specifically and strongly. This girl never messed around, looked for opportunities, tenaciously and strongly took on them. To this stormy cocktail of innumerable ambitions and brightness, she added a touch of sweetness. She was quite sweet and helpful.

Acquaintance with Dan Gilroy, a musician who became her boyfriend, then led to the fact that Madonna became interested in playing the drum kit. Dan and his brother had a musical group, and Madonna began to learn new instruments and sing a little bit, soon giving up dancing altogether. Warm relations affected creativity, they composed songs and music together, performed them in various institutions. Everything seemed to be going well.

Somehow the ambitious side of Madonna’s personality played a role. The girl entered the rehearsal room with a statement: “I want to be the vocalist in this group, the main vocalist.” The guys were amazed. After all, freedom always reigned in their group, the songs could be sung by each in turn, they also composed together. Madonna looked at Dan with a confident and unforgiving look. The brothers refused her. Madonna was firm and really wanted fame, so she turned around and left without a word.

She found new musicians. She actively wrote songs and was very eagerly looking for managers for the newly formed group. Wherever I could, everywhere I talked about their group, promoted and looked for new opportunities. Somehow everything got bad again.

Madonna was exhausted. Still, it was not possible to knock out a place for a performance, refusals constantly burdened the young artist. Once she was huddled in a ball on the floor of a cold studio. She didn’t even have anything to eat. She was consumed by the loss of hope, the feeling that everything was in vain and it was time, perhaps, to return home. Having found herself in such a “day” of mood, she decided to still turn to Dan for help.

Parting with him was, of course, unpleasant, but now she understood that if she backed up and returned home, she would lose herself. Dan generously received her at his home for a few days. Madonna recovered and went on with her own. A few years later, she was actively involved in music, looking for ways to the stage, negotiating, making her way and trying all the time. So, this woman first became recognizable in the city, sounding in all radio stations and television, and then to the whole world.

Madonna was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. When she was invited to the stage, she made a sentimental speech in which she remembered with great warmth about her two main life mentors. The first dance teacher Christopher Flynn and, of course, the musician Dan Gilroy.

This woman shocked the world with her bright, sometimes scandalous, but always memorable creativity. Madonna all the time kept the goal of becoming famous and noticed. This is the option when the strategy to conquer the entire globe was achieved by their work, great desire and fire of passion. Those who were next to her every now and then could confidently say that nothing could stop this woman!