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May Musk (girlish Haldeman) is a model and nutritionist with 50 years of experience, a writer, and a mother of three successful children, one of which you have heard about, it’s about the inventor Elon Musk. If you look at May Mask now, you will see a pleasant woman with a sparkling smile that just gushes with energy. Wisdom and courage, brought up by years of not always an easy life, are read in her eyes.
May was born to Joshua Norman Haldeman and Winnifred Josephine Fletcher, in the provincial part of central Canada. The family was large and open to the knowledge of the world. Parents were eager to travel and explore new countries. One day, the father and mother took a single-engine propeller plane, put four children in the back seats, and set off on a perilous journey to South Africa. Even though this idea looked very unsafe, Mei’s parents were very careful and planned everything in the most detailed way. The cognitive interest of a person forms his will, tempers discipline, and cements self-control. This is an important lesson in controlling her emotional experiences and their external manifestations, which May learned as a child.

The mother and father raised the children to be independent, May says: “We got to school on our own, did our homework, played sports. They did not interfere in our affairs, cultivating self-sufficiency and the ability to take responsibility. Everyone seemed to be on their own, but it was six o’clock in the evening, and everyone gathered at the same table for a family dinner. It was important.” Parents worked and developed a lot, clearly following the moral, ethical, and spiritual values ​​that they unquestioningly chose, which were instilled in children – the importance of family ties, mutual understanding, the ability to help, and love of knowledge.
Mei’s extraordinary independence, initiative, and determination were also transferred to her. At 21, she became a finalist in a beauty pageant in South Africa, and a year later she married engineer Errol Musk, the father of her future three children. Mei trained as a nutritionist and began practicing with patients and giving lectures on healthy eating. It was this story that those close to her believed to be true until she told them the truth about life with an abusive husband: “The problem is that when you are in an abusive relationship, you don’t tell anyone about it. It was really difficult for me to tell my parents and friends about it.”

After spending 9 years in such a relationship, the young woman decided to take a bold step and left her husband with three small children. “First you keep the family for the sake of the children, and then you get divorced for the sake of the children too.” It was difficult, she had to survive on very little money, which she earned from several jobs. She raised her children in the same way as her parents did – independent, brave, independent, looking at the world with wide eyes. The well-being of their family has become a common cause. The children helped their mother when she received patients at home: Tosca, the youngest daughter, kept records of clients, Kimbel cooked food, and Elon was engaged in technology. Mae never checked the homework in school, and when the kids grew up and it was time to choose their career paths, she was adamantly categorical: “You are on your own, you have to earn your scholarship, and you are free to choose what you want.”

Despite such a firm position in upbringing, Mei always remained a loving and understanding mother and came to the rescue in time. And she never felt guilty for working hard and spending little time with her children. After all, the most significant thing about their growing-up children was that she was able to share with them the main treasures presented to her at one time by her parents – interest, courage, and responsibility. All members of the family trio became successful people in their industries, and their interest in life, the ability to take the initiative, be confident, and show emotional self-control became the main tools for their realization. Tosca Musk has become a feature film platform director and producer. Kimbel opened a chain of restaurants that use only farm products. Well, Elon – managed to mold himself as a “common name” of a personality on a planetary scale – the inventor of the modern world, a person who innovatively changes the quality of life on Earth and explores space.
The difficult circumstances that served as a bridge to a new life led Mei to what she has now – a joyful and unusually bright life. When it was necessary to fight, she fought, but without a feeling of despair, but with a spear of determination and under the banner of strength.