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It has long been proven that stress is one of the main factors in serious chronic diseases. And one in four adults calls works the number one source of stress in life.
Even your favorite thing can become a stressor and seriously undermine health – so it is important to learn to deal with nervous tension in the workplace.
Stress prevention is an important condition for maintaining emotional health. And it is important to follow the general principles of increasing the level of resistance to stressful situations. This will prolong your life and increase its level several times.
Here are ways to control unpleasant experiences:
🔹Strive for the goal and do not fight over trifles “- advice from Hans Selye (a scientist who introduced the concept of stress)
🔹Treat others as you would like them to treat you.
🔹Don’t try to do everything at once; Do not forget about the rest. Monotonous work is tiring, and changing classes helps to maintain strength and health.
🔹Appreciate the joy of true simplicity of life, avoiding everything ostentatious and deliberate. This will earn you the affection and love of others.
🔹Before you do something in a conflict situation, weigh your strengths and the appropriateness of action.
🔹Try to see the bright sides of events and people. “Take an example from the sundial – take into account only the happy days” – folk wisdom.
🔹If you need to do an annoyingly unpleasant thing for yourself (conversation), do not postpone it to “later”.
🔹Even if you fail in any case (or conversation), try to see your “pros”. Don’t focus your memories on failures. Try to increase your success and self-confidence.
🔹Set realistic and important goals in any business.
🔹Learn to reasonably encouraging yourself to achieve your goal.