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Fear and anxiety in response to a stressful situation are normal. However, panic fear, which arises at rest, without connection with the real danger, is a signal of failure in the human nervous system. Experts also note that the manifestations of panic attacks in some situations are preceded by a strong emotional shock. Heavy loads can also act as a trigger.

What to do if you have a panic attack?

We suggest you try the EMDR exercise – an ambulance in case of emotional breakdown or panic attack.
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) – is translated from English as “desensitization and reprocessing (treatment) by eye movement”. The method is approved by the WHO.

1. Sit comfortably. Place both feet on the floor.

2. Put your hands on your knees or hips (as you see fit).

3. Close your eyes or look at your knees.

4. Think of an unpleasant anxious event. Focus on feelings.

5. Lightly pat yourself on both knees alternately, maintaining a frequent rhythm. About a minute and a half.

6. Stop and take a deep breath.

7. Contemplate your feelings – whether they have changed to more positive or negative feelings have weakened.

Then repeat the clapping.

8. Stop, take a deep breath.
Remember the thoughts that were about the unpleasant event before the exercise. What are your thoughts now? Allow the associations to flow freely, and speak out loud.

Repeat clapping.

9. Are there any changes in physical well-being?

Another way that doctors recommend is to resort to a very simple but highly effective breathing control technique. It’s just an exercise that everyone can do. Take a deep breath and then hold your breath for as long as possible. Then exhale slowly. Try to relax as much as possible. Repeat the exercise about 10-15 times until you feel better.

More techniques in our app.