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Inspiration – a mental state, which is characterized by a sharp increase in internal activity of the individual, high emotional uplift, and stress of spiritual and physical strength.

Inspiration awakens us to new opportunities, allowing us to overcome our usual experiences and limitations. Inspiration pushes a person to opportunities and changes the way we perceive our capabilities. Recent research shows that inspiration can be activated.

The connection of inspiration with emotional experience

The more balanced, stable emotional world of a person, the fewer situations can cause violent feelings in him. As Edison said, “inspiration in itself does not guarantee the success of creativity, its significant achievements – because it is only a push, an additional incentive to work and the latter can not replace.”

Inspiration is a springboard for creativity.

Inspired people consider themselves more creative and show an actual increase in self-esteem over time. The connection between inspiration and creativity is consistent with the transcendent aspect of inspiration because creativity involves seeing opportunities beyond existing limitations. Inspiration and effort must involve different aspects of the activity.

Inspiration helps to advance to goals.

People who are more inspired in their daily lives also tend to set inspired goals, which are then more likely to be successfully achieved. Importantly, the relationship between inspiration and goal achievement was reciprocal: goal achievement also implies future inspiration. Inspired people feel more goals in life and more gratitude.

Inspiration improves well-being.

 In another study, those who encountered the greatness of Michael Jordan experienced a higher level of positive influence. Their inspiration was more about the future than the present pleasure. The degree to which the inspiration lasted was explained by the level of purpose and gratitude in life that they reported to themselves.

To get inspired, the best thing you can do is create the best conditions for inspiration. The simple first step is simply to realize the obvious power of inspiration and its potential impact on everything we do.