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It may surprise many people that the original meaning of enthusiasm has to do with a passion for religion rather than a passionate or eager interest in general. And only at the beginning of the 18th century did this word begins to be used to describe strong feelings or interest in worldly affairs.

The word enthusiasm is defined as intense excitement or a strong feeling of interest in something we like. The word comes from two Greek words en (meaning in) and theos (meaning god) and evolved to mean “to reveal the spirit within.”

Enthusiasm is expressed through our voice, gestures, facial expressions, words, and actions.

Enthusiasm is an expression of our spirit, both individual and collective.

Feigning enthusiasm to please others can be a dangerous trap.

True enthusiasm is an expression of our true self and fills us with energy and desire to move, adding meaning to being.

A meaningful life depends on inner peace, self-honesty, and engaging with the world with genuine enthusiasm.

You may feel that you are losing your enthusiasm. This may be a sign that what you are doing today is no longer aligned with your inner spirit or psyche. If this disconnection is neglected, it can lead to increased stress and anger and eventually manifest in physical illness.

Maybe it means you need to find a new challenge or goal, maybe it means being more active and doing things that give us energy and fewer activities that drain your energy, it just means you need to remind yourself of the positive influence, which you can do for the lives of others. The purpose and function of positive emotions are to bring us back to the exciting things in our lives, helping us maintain good feelings. When we feel good, our inhibitions tend to drop and we are more likely to explore new possibilities. But, like many things in life, positive emotions require balance. We cannot have one without the other. Researchers are now seriously investigating the pitfalls associated with only the positive side of life so that we can better understand ourselves to lead more balanced, healthy, and resilient lives.