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Even Charles Darwin proved with his experiments that the leading and most significant emotion of human beings is fear.

One of the basic causes of phobias is the purposeful avoidance of objects, signs, and situations that cause well-motivated fears, with a fairly high probability of suffering because of them. The only difference is that some are well-founded, and logically understandable, which set a person on an active search for salvation from fears, and others are unfounded, subconscious, and have no logical motivation.

A commonly known fact about phobias is a recurring condition of experiencing uncontrollable fear or excessive anxiety in similar situations. If you are afraid of dogs, you will be afraid both on the street and in the house of friends, even if you have heard that the dog is gentle. Regardless of size and breed.

There is always a specific source of fear that is easily identified – every phobia has a name and they are very easy to recognize by:

  • spasms in the throat and a feeling of suffocation;
  • the heart “jumping out” of the chest (rapid heartbeat);
  • numbness of the body and a feeling of sudden weakness;
  • the feeling that an unconscious state is about to occur;
  • cold sweat;
  • the feeling of horror, the strongest fear;
  • trembling in the body;
  • indigestion and vomiting;
  • to a disobedient body (it seems somehow alien);
  • the feeling that a person is going crazy.

Any four of the above signs that appeared in the same situation indicate the presence of a phobia.

To quickly and effectively get rid of phobias, it is necessary to seek the help of specialists – but not fortune tellers and “removal of damage”, but professional doctors. The main thing is to distinguish the degree of phobia so that it does not develop into a lifelong illness.

First of all, the doctor will carefully listen to the patient, talk to him and try to determine the psychological reasons/motives of the fear. If this is found out, then it is considered that the phobia is already half cured. For complete relief, the patient has to attend several sessions of psychotherapy.

But if there are no obvious reasons for the emergence of a certain fear, then outpatient drug treatment is prescribed. Usually, it completes successfully.