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Robert Dilts is one of the most well-known expert developers in neuro-linguistic programming.

Admit it, you sometimes ask “Why do I live the way I live?” or “Why do I have what I have?”

The peculiarity of the model is that for each of the levels of the pyramid, the answer to the question “Why is this so?” lies one level higher.

If you are not satisfied with what you have, the environment, or finances, the Dilts model will show that you need to change your actions. If seemingly correct actions do not lead to the desired result, you need to change the strategy as a whole. If it is not clear where to change the strategy, then you need to delve into your beliefs, something is wrong with them.

According to this model, in any situation, you can find the same structural elements, after analyzing this you can get a new vision of the situation, and insights. The pyramid of logical levels of Robert Dilts includes the following levels (the list starts with the lower levels and ends with the upper one):

Environment. The environment is our living conditions. Dilts’ logical levels are based on the objective reality of a specific person: his living conditions, place of life, and environment.

Behavior. Human activity. If the first level is the circumstances in which we are placed, the second level is our reaction to these circumstances.

Abilities At this level are a person’s skills and experience. The key question for this level is: “How can I impact the world? What can I do?

Values ​​and beliefs. At this level, a person structures his values ​​and beliefs and answers the question of why he thinks this way and not otherwise. What childhood experiences and beliefs can be behind certain features of thinking?

Identity. In simple words, identity is the answer to the question “Who am I?” To which group does a person belong, and how does he position himself?

Mission. This is the highest level that deals with values ​​and meanings. At this level, a person answers the question “Why do I live?”. More often than not, the causes of our problems and the answers to them are rooted at lower levels.

After analyzing the situation from all sides, you can find a new, more effective solution for it. But for this, you need to know how to work with the Dilts pyramid.