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Depending on the expression of different aspects of emotionality, emotional types of people belonging to different types of temperament (character) are distinguished. One of the first such attempts was made by the Heymans-Le Senne classification of temperament types.


The nervous type is characterized by strong and chaotic emotional experiences, prone to cruelty and suspicion. Sensitive to emotional situations, but his emotions quickly disappear. He is constantly in search of new impressions. He does not tolerate monotony, which quickly causes him boredom.

The sentimental type also has high emotional excitability, but unlike the nervous type, it deeply and long experiences both joy and sadness, remembers them, and constantly returns to them. This is a deep, dreamy and constant nature. Requires a soft and benevolent attitude towards himself.

The stormy type sometimes shows a frantic display of feelings. Cheerful, always in a good mood. Treats others with compassion and does not hide his sympathies. Memorable, but reacts to criticism with violent indignation.

The passionate type devotes itself to a cause passionately, all without a trace. Luck is experienced calmly, without showing effect.

Sanguine is sedentary, calm, and optimistic.

Phlegmatic is cold and calm.

The amorphous type is indifferent to what it does. Emotionally intact.

The apathetic type is also indifferent to what he is doing. Always in an even mood, enjoys solitude. Indifferent to other people.


However, it should be borne in mind that pure types of temperament are rare, they are mostly mixed, so the manifestation of one or another group of emotions in specific people will be greatly complicated by this circumstance.