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Have you ever wondered why people blossom so much when they hear a compliment? Why is the praise of a job well done or a well-chosen dress so important for every person? John Amodeo, Ph.D., cites 5 main reasons. They are strong enough to say nice words to each other more often!

Strengthening self-esteem.

You can say that self-esteem mainly depends on the individual as much as you like. However, for it to be formed in the right direction, we are waiting for the approval of others. Even in childhood, when our mother praises us for a neatly made bed, in our youth, when our teacher notes our success in our studies, and even in adulthood, when we receive a compliment from a passer-by, we seem to compare our inner feelings with how we are perceived by others. Ideally, when these two assessments coincide, we have adequate self-esteem.

A chance to be noticed.

We feel comfortable when a person recognizes the qualities that we value in ourselves. Maybe your kindness is not noticeable, but if someone sees and approves of your good deed, then you receive confirmation of your importance.

The feeling of being chosen.

Deep down, every person, even a humble person, feels original and unique. In principle, it is so, because every person is the universe. But nowadays it is difficult to declare one’s uniqueness. When someone tells you: You did it so well, I couldn’t do it! It is perceived as: You are unique!

Proof of the meaning of life.

When someone is positive about what you do, you feel that your work has meaning. By the way, such words of approval and support are extremely important in those moments when a person experiences a personal crisis or falls into depression. After all, such conditions are also caused by the loss of life orientations. Approving words and compliments will help bring them back.

Strengthening ties with society.

A sense of value strengthens the connection between people. We involuntarily begin to sympathize with the person who noticed and praised us. After all, this means that she understood our true value! Having received a charge of positive energy from her, we return positive emotions to her.