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Is it possible to make any idea, even the craziest, socially acceptable?

The Overton window is a complex technique. The one who applies it psychologically influences those around him and “accustoms” them to a certain opinion, order, and rules. In simple words, the Overton window is a psychological tool for influencing society, which is successfully used, for example, by politicians. As a result of their activity, we can believe in implausible things and accept what we refused not so long ago.

The term was named after a famous psychologist from America. Joseph Overton carefully studied the peculiarities of the influence of events and situations on the human mind. At the end of the last century, he published a work on this topic and proved to the world that the suggestion technique has been used for a long time, and it works.

It applies to any field of human life: economics and taxation, marriage problems and minority rights, etc. Opinions on these issues can differ and take on the most radical forms. But only what is in the center of the scale will be actively discussed in the public space — because these positions are most likely close to the majority.

Overton, have studied how the transformation of the human mind takes place, what stages it must go through to accept those statements, that were previously considered bad and inhumane. It is necessary to understand that revaluation does not happen immediately. This is quite a long process. But it can exert a collective influence on public consciousness. This means that values ​​are reinterpreted not by one person, but by a group of persons. Such a phenomenon can lead to the degradation of society if it becomes profitable for someone.

Psychologists believe that the Overton window should and can be resisted. If you understand that someone is trying to influence your consciousness. Makes you think differently than you’re used to, need to figure out if they’re using the Overton window technique? Psychologists recommend “swimming against the current.” But you should not expect actions from others. It is important to start with yourself. Understand the situation.