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Most people think that the problem of unattractiveness arises from a lack of positive qualities and skills. But these are only symptoms of the problem. And it is born when you start to be proud of your “quality”, you put a stamp of high quality on yourself. And then this own high quality has to be constantly strained to confirm. At first, you raise your self-esteem, you become confident in your strength and beauty, and then it turns out that the price of this faith is a constant test of life, where you have to prove that you are not a camel.

Pride is a positive emotion that reflects positive self-esteem – the presence of self-respect, a sense of self-worth, and self-worth. Pride is an inner feeling of peace and satisfaction with one’s results.

My personal opinion is that pride is good if it is based on real achievements. Everything is good in moderation! Pride based on achievements is the foundation of your self-esteem and pride is an inner state of satisfaction with your deeds and actions. If pride goes overboard and you are not praised by others, but you praise yourself, then this is already pride.

It is advisable to be proud of your real achievements, and not of what you have nothing to do with. How much a person has progressed from the starting point during a certain period? Pride is aimed at personal development and has clear goals.

Pride is primarily a position of dignity. Pride is a position of constant flattery in front of others. And as a result, a person becomes a slave to pride, and his whole life is spent working out this complex.

A proud person lives by his values, and a person with pride lives by artificially imposed values. Therefore, the value system of a person with pride is completely blurred and unstable. Such a person can easily wash the will to live from under his feet!

A proud person chooses those people from whom it is possible to learn something and, perhaps, thanks to them, it will be possible to advance socially. Yes, you may have to run errands and not always say what you think, but otherwise what interest will there be in a person who stands on a higher social level?

Pride is a sense of self-worth regardless of external conditions! A person with a sense of self-worth easily admits his mistakes.