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According to the Brighton School of Business and Management data, EQ is twice more important in a career than hard skills. 44% of interviewed workers see EQ as a factor that defines an effective leader.

With the high level of EQ, you’ll be able to:
Work under pressure
Cope with work stress
Effectively regulate yourself and others during debates
Acquire what you need from colleagues
Earn respect from others
Motivate your team
Solve conflicts

🔥The level of emotional intelligence affects a person’s ability to build his or her successful work relationships.

Communicational and self-regulation skills are crucial.
People who don’t cope with their emotions effectively often spoil the working atmosphere in a team and cannot solve their problems. Also, their emotions usually take over the focus on a goal.

The number one principle for achieving a great result and effective teamwork💪 is to learn and train your emotional intelligence, to become a self-regulated person who can correct and manage his or her emotions.

These skills make you doomed to a great result and success.👌