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🔹Gratitude is a feeling that strongly influences our life, making it more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Thanksgiving experiment by Robert Emmons and Michael McCulloch:
🔹Three groups of volunteers kept diaries for ten weeks. The first group recorded all experiences. The second one noted only negative conditions and cases. The third group recorded names and events in notes that aroused gratitude.

After 2.5 months, the differences in behavior in the third group became too noticeable:
+ the participants of the third group started their daily activities with joy, and spoke about the prospects more optimistically than the rest;
+ decreased anxiety about health;
+ there was an enthusiasm for exercising your body and taking care of yourself in general

🔹Gratitude is a power available to everyone. Fear and anxiety disappear under the cover of gratitude.
🔹 The more we focus on reasons for gratitude, the easier it is to find them. The more we thank the environment, the more this warmth returns to us.

Thanks today?
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