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🔹 “Boredom is a signal of ineffective use of one’s own mental resources” – specialists from Carnegie Mellon University (USA)

🔹 Boredom can mean: “Hey, my friend, development does not wait – move on, the old does not work anymore, look for new ways and ideas!”

🔹Let’s examine several reasons why this feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of interest in the world appears:

1. It seems that boredom is something related to passivity, but no. It is the strong arousal of a person and the inability to use it in business that leads to boredom. That is, psychologically he became more active, but he did not direct his attention to what he wanted.
2. Inability to control what is happening. Remember long lines – you don’t like it, it is not always controllable, and if you have nothing to focus on, it can get boring.
3. Objects of boredom have the ability to persist for a long time in our brain and cause irritation even when there is no longer any reason for it. Think of boring subjects or individual books from the school curriculum, dislike can persist for a long time.

🔹 A quick tip on how to stop getting bored is to find something you like and focus on it.

🔹 Stop wandering in your thoughts, look for new meanings, diversify your experience, make acquaintances and boredom will appear less often in your life!
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