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Emotional  addiction is a psychological addiction, a person’s dependence on a person, a kind of dependence that pushes to the background of life, the interests of the person himself, leaving only the relationship and the object of dependence. There is a merger and loss of their own “I”, the need for vivid emotions is growing.

An emotionally dependent person needs to distinguish own feelings and the feelings of another person. It is important to understand that you and your object are not the same, you cannot and should not necessarily experience the same feelings, have the same desires.

  1. Work with emotional dependence should be constantly aimed at distinguishing oneself from another person: “Here I am, here he is. Here we are similar, and here we are different. We don’t need to give up relationships, contact, to satisfy our desires. “
  2. An important point is to recognize their own needs and desires and find ways to meet them outside the partner. Receiving love and support is possible not only from one person. The more sources of their receipt, the less burden falls on the partner. The more independent a person is in meeting his needs, the less he depends on the other person.
  3. It is important to remember that the source of love and acceptance can be not only external but also internal. The more sources you find, the less you will depend on the people around you and their acceptance.
  4. Notice the moments when you are loved and supported even if they are small signs of attention. Say about yourself that at this moment you are seen, heard, taken. And be sure to address the body and physical sensations.
  5. Learn to face the fact that other people cannot be with you all the time, cannot recognize without words, cannot express their love constantly. Everyone has their own rhythm of intimacy and alienation. Having their own rhythm, they do not stop loving you less and become bad.
  6. Imagine what will happen if you lose your external source of emotional well-being – a partner. It will probably be painful, unbearable, bitter, scary, hard. Try to get through this. It’s not easy, but it’s your experience.

The best cure for addiction is to live your life.