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Emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, guilt, or shame are often difficult to express constructively. Even positive emotions – gratitude, and love can also be difficult to express. But when you understand why you have a certain emotion, you are likely to express it in a healthy and useful way. Expressing constructively difficult emotions can not only help you succeed in your career but also improve your relationships with loved ones and your social interactions.


How to do it :

Accept and value your feelings

There is a strong connection between the events in your life and your feelings. You should not ignore or impulsively express your feelings, it is important to understand them so that you can improve your reactions.

Express feelings

It is important to notice a physical reaction to an emotion (for example, fear can block your throat; embarrassment can cause you to blush). Your body’s reactions may indicate a pattern.

Allow yourself to feel your emotions.

People often do something to try to feel better when they are sad, anxious, or scared. It is important to allow yourself to feel your emotions when they arise, not try to change them. Allow yourself to recognize your emotions and just sit with your feelings. This may be inconvenient, but it is an important step to overcome.

Don’t judge yourself or your emotions. Just feel them and accept. This does not mean that you should allow yourself to be angry or exhausted for several days in a row. If you feel and can’t let go of your emotions or overcome them, take one of the courses in our EQ -APP app.

 Be responsive

Empathy is the cornerstone of EQ. It is defined as the ability to identify and share another person’s thoughts, feelings, or emotional state. You may be wondering how an empathic approach can change a seemingly stagnant relationship.

Developing your emotional intelligence can help you determine how to redirect strong emotions to rational and constructive reactions. You will spend less time thinking, which will not only alleviate stress but also give you more time to communicate with others and constantly improve your relationships with them.